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The Beginner Friendly Overpass Quilt Pattern

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

A beginner quilt pattern for modern quilters and for not-so-modern quilters quilting for modern loved ones!

For my debut pattern, I wanted something that introduced my loved for bold and modern designs while retaining enough ease and simplicity that a confident beginner could easily master this pattern. It's calm and cool with plenty of room for your own personal style.

Once you've made this quilt, you'll want to whip up ten more in every possible colorway!

(Longarm quilting by Lacie of Messy Quilts )

This grayscale version is near and dear to my heart. It was the original way that I envisioned creating this pattern and the first sample that I made!

Who Is This Pattern For?

This pattern is for you quilters out there that just don't ever find what you're looking for when you walk into your local quilt shop and for those of you that struggle to find modern quilts that are truly easy to make. With just 5 fabrics that come together to form ONE simple block, you achieve a cool woven effect by simply rotating the block!

So Many Possibilities!

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more GORGEOUS versions created by the Overpass Quilt Pattern Testing Group, including one using ombre fabrics! For now, however, I'll share my second sample using the original inspiration for these stripes - sour belt candy!

(a non-affiliate link for those of you with a sour/sweet tooth!)

If you know me, you know that using these colors (Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids) definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I was so pleased with how they came together! The gorgeous quilting on this version was done by the lovely boys over at Strigi Quilts and I can't recommend them and their awesome ordering/checkout system enough!

If you have yet to purchase your version of The Overpass Quilt, head on over to my shop and grab it now! If this pattern is something that you would LOVE to see at your local quilt shop, will you please request it next time you're there and let them know that it's available directly from me? The printed version is available in wholesale and I would love to connect with your favorite shop!

Stay tuned for more brilliant versions of this pattern and in the meantime, grab your pattern and start dreaming of your fabric pull!

Which colors are you going to use in your Overpass Quilt?

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