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The Free 9th&9th Quilt Pattern

If you're a subscriber, you've probably heard the news about the new free pattern I've designed to accompany the Boulevard fat quarter bundle, which I had the opportunity to curate for Art Gallery Fabrics! It uses a little over 1/2 yard of background fabric and has so much scrappy potential! I'm anxiously awaiting an opportunity to double the pattern and bust through some Halloween fabrics that I've been hoarding (er, "collecting") to create a larger snuggly "ween" quilt!

I'm a sucker for a checkerboard, so I tend to gravitate toward them in my design. I had the idea for this quilt when I was looking at an antique quilt that had very large sashing. I thought about how cool it would have been to utilize that space while keeping the larger center blocks minimal and I got to work designing a quilt with the appearance of a detailed sashing!

I clearly don't have anything against sashing (hello, that's the main character of this quilt!), but I think it can be a little tricky for newer quilters to get lined up and, since this "sashing" wasn't a continuous cut of fabric, I wanted to set everyone up for success in their piecing! I always look to simplify and it occurred to me, that making the larger block a 9-patch as well, made the most sense.

Then, when it came time to decide how many 18-inch blocks to include in the full quilt, it seemed like a no-brainer: 9.

With a 9-patch in a 9-patch in a 9-patch, I just knew the name for this cute pattern was going to pay homage to the beautiful 9th&9th neighborhood of Salt Lake City where the bustling downtown fades to the creative and outdoorsy neighborhoods of Sugarhouse. It's a beloved area where the community meets up to enjoy art and great food and I couldn't think of a better name for a quilt that will likely be gifted to someone special in your own community!

You can download your very own copy of the 9th&9th Quilt Pattern to make a little community magic of your own HERE.

I would love to see your beautiful versions of the 9th&9th Quilt Pattern! You can share your quilts on Instagram with the hashtag #9thand9thQuiltPattern and be sure to tag me @UrbanDwellStudio so I can see!

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