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QuiltCon 2024 Raleigh Workshop Interactive Fabric Pull Mood Boards

As QuiltCon approaches and I'm preparing my students to successfully complete my workshop, I've fielded a lot of questions regarding fabric pulls. This is a concern that often comes up with my local workshop students as well so, to better empower my students, I've created some interactive mood boards using

While a large portion of my improv style is reliant on a cohesive fabric pull, I recognize that choosing fabrics doesn't bring everyone as much joy as it does my textile-loving soul and that there is also a disproportionate number of quilters who do not have the luxury of having the best modern quilt shop in the country near their home. I hope that these mood boards make the process a bit less intimidating and help students look forward to enjoying the process knowing that they've come prepared!

These mood boards were designed specifically to be balanced fabric pulls for my Large Scale Minimal Improv Workshops, but are helpful and useful tools for any and all quilters!


Not a workshop student? I'm currently booking workshops through 2024 and 2025 and would LOVE to bring this skill to your guild, retreat center, or shop classroom!


How Do These Things Work?

Each image below is "clickable" and will lead you to its design in Canva (a free design tool that you are going to LOVE, if you don't already) where each individual fabric swatch image is shoppable and linked directly to Sewtopia so that you can order directly from them and have your entire fabric selection come from one shop!

Things to note:

  • These swatch selections are not pre-made bundles, so shoppers will need to determine their desired yardage for each fabric.

  • These are simply suggestions! Feel free to shop around for substitutions or fill in with fabrics from your stash!

  • I have so many friends who own fabric shops, so while most of these boards are for Sewtopia, I've also included boards from other friends' stores! However, to prioritize simplicity, each board is comprised of fabric from just ONE shop.

  • Quantities are limited and I'm not involved with shop inventory. Once these fabrics are gone, they're likely GONE, so purchase soon to ensure availability.

  • I do not earn any commissions on these products. These were created just to support you as creatives!

Shoppable Mood Boards:

Ashelyn's Pick Sewtopia Fabric Pull

Barbie's Dream Quilt Sewtopia Fabric Pull

Moab In May Sewtopia Fabric Pull

Nostalgic Hues Sewtopia Fabric Pull

Soft Blues Sewtopia Fabric Pull

Pasadena Quilt Studio Fabric Pull

Nova Quilts Fabric Pull

Full Moon Fabric Co. Fabric Pull

Lovering Quilt Co. Fabric Pull

Fabric Availability Updated 1/23/24

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