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The Freeway Quilt Pattern

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The first official Urban Dwell Studio pattern all for FREE. Download your copy today and explore the many options to make it your own one of a kind beginner friendly quilt!

Grow your skills with this super fast quilt pattern!

Now that you've seen the full face of this quilt, you can probably begin to imagine your very own fabric selections in place of these! Below, you'll find a couple of other sample quilts sewn in blues and black, as well as several mockup ideas for colorways to choose!


While the main inspiration of my pattern designs is to create patterns for the modern home aesthetic that can be practical while still being beautiful and created to be able to stay out in the space when not in use, I equally want to create patterns that make beginner quilters feel empowered. I want to leave you a bit more confident than you began and to encourage you to turn around and make more and more (and more!) quilts to fill your life, and the lives of your loved ones, with warmth and comfort for decades to come.

In a pinch?

This quilt pattern works up VERY quickly and is the perfect choice for a quick or last minute gift this season that you can quilt at home on your domestic if you're running short on time to get it to the longarmer. You can batch produce multiples of these quilts in no time at all by just batching the steps together.

"Perfect choice for a quick or last minute gift.."


Another perk to this quilt is that its simultaneously modern, minimal, playful and mature; making it perfect for living spaces, baby gifts, play rooms or for that teenage boy you're never quite sure what to make.

In Black..

When you choose a dark background fabric for this quilt, it almost transforms. It feels elegant and strong but still soft and minimal.

A few ideas...


And now, what you've all been waiting for:


Don’t Forget to share your makes on Instagram!

I love to see your creations come to life and the unique spins each maker puts on their version of my patterns! Please tag me @UrbanDwellStudio and tag this quilt with #FreewayQuiltPattern to help others find your post and get inspired!

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