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A New Way to Do Quilt Patterns

Download this simple fabric swatch key card to keep your fabric substitutions organized!

Have you ever found a quilt pattern that you love, but choose to make drastic fabric color substitutions for? You probably spend extra time going back and forth making sure that you're not mixing up your new fabric choices as you begin cutting and assembling your fabrics.

What if there was a shortcut for you to reference as you go to help maintain fabric assignments and cut confusion?

Well, there IS a solution:

With blank spaces to add your fabric swatches, you can simply tape or staple your new fabric choices in place and write the corresponding fabric letter or number in the box below to reference as you go about cutting and piecing your quilt.

Track your fabric details

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, our new projects turn into WIPs (Works In Progress) and our project takes a backseat. Now, instead of scrambling to refocus and get back into the groove, you can jump right back in knowing exactly what your original plans were and where you left off!

My favorite feature is the extra line spaces where I can record the fabric names and the shops where I purchased them so, that if I run out or need to recut, I have a clear and direct note to find more quickly.

Download the Fabric Swatch Key right here and use it for your quilting and sewing from here on out!

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