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QuiltCon 2023 Recap

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

My first QuiltCon was an incredible experience that I will remember forever! Here are some of my personal highlights from the weekend and a few thoughts that I've had about the

experience and the Modern Quilt Guild!

So many new friends and memories were made, and seeing my quilts hanging in the show was truly a special moment for me!

The Lectures

(Sandra Lee Chandler Lecture)

When we registered, we purchased the lecture pass which granted us access to ALL of the lectures! Each one was so fantastic and interesting, it was VERY difficult to have to miss some just so that we could fit in the other attractions of QuiltCon! Some favorites, were a denim quilt extravaganza from Sandra Lee Chandler, an interactive discussion on equity with Melissa de Leon Mason, and the room's energy during the keynote presentation from Chawne Kimber was something that I will never forget!

The Quilts

A big reason for attending the show this year was to visit my quilts on display! There were SO MANY absolutely incredible quilts that it was a true feat to see each and every one. I loved hearing the conversations going on while wandering the aisles and getting to see so many of my friends' quilts as well! There were some beautiful social justice quilts that spoke to me

Additionally, it was really interesting to see the quality of the work that had been juried into the show and draw some conclusions as to what the jurors are looking for!

The Vendors

The fabric crowd favorites of modern quilting were all in attendance in addition to machines, notions and designers! I found the linen I had been looking for to finish the binding on my new quilt sample, and discovered an incredible Seattle-based fabric consignment shop!

Our Stash Fabric shop offers vintage and unique combinations, which I excitedly made a fabric pull from and that's all I got last weekend- so proud of myself!


Wow, wow, wow, wow! As an introvert, my biggest fear going into QuiltCon was having to walk up to and introduce myself to strangers that I know from the internet and hoping that they recognize me too.. but the worrying was all in vain because these humans were absolutely incredible!

I think most people are sort of in the same position, but we all just "go for it" and put up a brave front that pays off by making everyone more comfortable! There are just so many kind people, it's pointless to waste your time dwelling on your shyness!

I was able to make some connections with wonderfully talented and creative friends that I will truly cherish forever. I can't wait to watch these new friendships flourish!

The Buildings

While I think that there were plenty of complaints about the venue itself being a bit too spread out, I didn't personally mind the walking between convention buildings. It gave me the opportunity to admire the surrounding architecture designed by John Portman. While booking our hotel, I had wanted to choose one of his original buildings and just knew that it needed to be at the nearby Hyatt on Peachtree. The interior was a colossal open atrium with rooms lining the perimeter and the most stunning glass elevators in the center. It was truly inspiring and an experience that I'm so grateful for!

There was beauty in the contributions of Portman's designs all around the entire surrounding area (he basically CREATED ALL OF IT), but the most shocking and surprising of which, were the paintings we stumbled upon in the adjoining Hotel Indigo's JP Atlanta Restaurant. To find his paintings, IN his restaurant, UNDER his glass sculptural bar, INSIDE of the building that he created decades ago gave me goosebumps!

I was clearly impressed by all of it, because it made this recap list and is how I'm choosing to end this post!

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